Being Judged and Judging

The other day, I was being judged by someone.  I didn’t like it and it got me down.  Was I really like that, I thought?  I really turned over the unfair judgement in my head for awhile.  Finally, I realized that it just wasn’t true and even if it were true, I could do something about it.  Did I say or do something wrong, yes, but was I really that bad?  Tomorrow, I’ll work on that but don’t think for one minute that I’m going to lay down and die about it.

“You’re not good at listening.”

“You’re not kind.”

“You gossip too much.”

“You’re just not good enough.”

“That actor stinks.”

“That author is stupid.”

“My neighbor is an idiot.”

“That driver is terrible.”

“That person pretends to be a good Christian.”

“That person is a flirt, probably cheats on his/ her spouse.”define meWhatever the judgement against you, does it define you?  It doesn’t.  There’s a difference between constructive criticism and judging.  Criticism is to help you be better, take it with the grain of salt if it is well intended.  When someone judges you though, that’s just a sentence, to hang on your neck if you let it.

The Lord’s prayer states, “forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”  Matthew 6:12.

We will be forgiven how we forgive.  We will be judged how we judge.  (Oh crap!)  Truly, how we judge does more than just defines us, its how we will be defined by the Lord.

Next time you feel judged, remember, its worse for the judger than it will be for you.  How you in return judge, will define you.

Keep on your toes – and God Bless.  I know I need it, because I know I can get judgey!

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