Did Jesus ever sneeze?

Late one night, a few weeks before Christmas, a bunch of co-workers and I were at a bar when someone questioned, why is there’s not much in the bible about Jesus when He was young.  Another co-worker, Tim, disagreed and told us to pick up a bible sometime.  I was surprised and stated that I thought there was really very little about Jesus’ youth, just the presentation of the Lord and then the finding our Lord in the temple.

Tim was annoyed and again told us to pick up a bible sometime.  Another co-worker told us to drop it since Tim was apparently frustrated with our lack of biblical knowledge.  Religion can be so touchy!

I did drop the conversation but to this day, I am still a little perplexed as to why Tim was annoyed and to what was he referring to in the bible that spoke of Jesus’ youth that I was missing.  Ok, there’s some other stuff about Jesus and His youth, but its more about where Joseph took Him and Mary to avoid persecution.

I believe that Jesus was busy being a son to His Mother and a carpenter.  Jesus loved His life and believe He cherished His humanity during this time.  He was busy being human.  Remember the agony, Jesus didn’t want to die but was willing to drink the cup His Father had put before Him.

I actually love thinking about Jesus and Mary during their special time together, prior to our Blessed Savior beginning His ministry.

Jesus and Mary must have spent a considerable amount of time together, since Child and Mother often do.  Imagine spending day in and day out with the Blessed Lord.  Not as a pupil or friend but as with the bond of Child and Mother.

We believe at some point, Joseph must have passed and they, Wife and Son, undoubtedly wept together.

I still wonder, our Lord, both fully human and fully divine, did He experience the things I do?  I know He experienced suffering, which gives me comfort knowing our Lord knew what it meant to suffer, but did He ever sneeze?

Did our Lord have toys?

Did He swim?

Did He ever have a cold or the flu?

Did He ever slip and fall and have skinned knee?

Did He heal a friend?

We know He was with His Father and Mother: “And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God and man.” Luke 2:52

From Ex Ore Infantium by Francis Thompson:

And did thy Mother at the night                                                                                                   Kiss Thee, and fold the clothes in right?
And didst Thou feel quite good in bed,                                                                                            Kiss’d, and sweet, and thy prayers said?

Happy musing.

God Bless!

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